Since 2012 I have taught undergraduate and graduate classes at Emory University (Atlanta, GA) in Anthropology, African Studies, and Development Studies. In 2015 I was chosen from over 400 nominations by Emory students for a Crystal Apples Teaching Award for Graduate Education. My teaching experience, along with my academic background in education and social theory, have left a strong pedagogical imprint on my writing and have shaped my commitment to writing ethnographies that are useful for teaching.

Courses I have developed and taught recently at Emory include:

Anthropology of Development

  • Foundations of Development Studies

Anthropology/African Studies

  • Introduction to African Studies
  • The Politics of Natural Resources in Africa: Anthropological Perspectives
  • Political Culture and Citizenship in Postcolonial Africa
  • The Politics of Humanitarianism in Africa

Research Methods

  • Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods
  • Techniques and Critiques of Participatory Development
  • Honors Research in Anthropology I and II